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Business & Data Analysis Solutions

I help small companies and nonprofits to get more out of their data


I'm your data analyst

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Hi, my name is Benedikt Ruske. As a business analyst, I am passionate about helping small and medium-sized companies, start-ups, and organizations to better understand their organization and process data in order to make data-based decisions and become more successful and profitable.

In the 20 years of my career in finance & controlling, I have always been dealing with numbers. Today, I utilize my background in business consulting and my knowledge of advanced business intelligence solutions to assist my clients in improving their businesses through data analysis and insights.


I offer you my support as a freelancer for Business & Data Analysis solutions using SQL, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.


I am also a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate.

Benefits to work with me

Business Solutions

With many years of business experience in medium-sized manufacturing and trading companies, I have a deep understanding of enterprise processes in all business areas, thus I well-acquainted with user stories and requirements. During the development of a BI solution, I focus on the benefits and advantages for the company as a business solution.

360 degrees development

My approach to customer projects is holistic. Starting after the initial project review with the analysis of data integrity and quality, followed by data import and transformation (ETL) and the creation of a functional and performant data model, finalized by the creation of reliable and meaningful reports and visualizations. Data security and automation complete the 360 degree development.

Speed and Flexibility

As an independent freelancer, I mostly work from anywhere and remotely. Flexible capacity planning enables me to respond to customer requests quickly. I am comfortable to work in an agile environment or respond to ad hoc customer requests. At on-site appointments, I support my customers with workshops and training courses.



Data Cleansing

Data are sometimes messy or unstructured. Selecting the right data, clean them up by removing errors, inconsistencies and everything what's unnecessary, transform and shape them into meaningful information paves the path to a clear view on your data. No matter which source, in which condition or how many data you have, after data cleansing your numbers are ready to reveal their secrets in the analysis.

Data Modelling
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Creating an effective data model is crucial for achieving efficient and elegant data analysis results. The proper arrangement and connections of tables in a data model allows for seamless filtering of data. An optimized data model also operates more quickly, simplifies calculations, and serves as the foundation for creating meaningful visualizations.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is the process to turn a bunch of numbers into insights. With a bit of math, it shows you, where your company stands, highlights potential improvements, finds outliers, and can even predict a future scenario. This offers the opportunity to make smart decisions in order to offer better services and products, improve processes and avoid risks which cumulates to a better overall result for your enterprise.


The human brain works in pictures. Even complex facts can easily be explained by a compelling visualization. Based on your data I help you to develop reports and dashboards which present insights in informative and interactive visuals. The result is a straightforward business report or an awesome designed storyboard to “wow” your audience.


Every business and organization is individual and so is the solution to a business intelligence project: unique and tailored for your requirements. This needs close communication to understand your business, the challenges you face, and the goals you have in order to perform better, before getting into the data. Let’s start with your questions and work from there.


I am glad to share, what I know. Self-Service business intelligence is all about creating solutions on your own. I provide solutions you and your team understand and enable you to create your own reports and dashboards. If you or your team members need training, I provide individual or group sessions on Power BI or Tableau.

Join one of my seminars or a workshop in partnership with Weserbergland AG


Business Analytics tools

Power Bi


Power Query

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Power BI


Microsoft Power BI

Data Cleansing

Business Analysis


Power Query





Data Modelling

Data Warehouse




Case studies



Public Transportation


Airline Customer Survey

Delivery analysis

Beyond pareto

London bike rides

Airbnb price analysis

Cash Discount

The fun part

Titanic disaster (SQL)

Blood Alcohol Concentration

Olympic games 1896 - 2016

One pager

The art of storytelling

Global warming Frankfurt

Europe's renewables

Do we care the poorest?

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