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Welcome to my Power BI showcase

Graphic Shapes


to endless possibilities

with Power BI


Power BI is a data analytics and visualisation tool developed by Microsoft and part of the Microsoft Power app family.

PBI is able to load and process data from multiple sources like text, Excel, SQL, web, SAP, Azure and many more.

During the ELT-process (Extract - Load - Transform) the data are uploaded, cleaned, transformed and analysed and finally turned into stunning visualizations.


Power BI is a Self-Service Business Intelligence tool that allows business users to perform data analytics and visualisations almost without coding. This opens new insights in corporate data and provides information for management and decision makers with an extremely powerful tool.


I am on my journey for Business Analytics and completely fascinated of the possibilities. Feel free to browse through my sample visualisations. More are about to come. If you have questions about business analytics, the posted reports or Power BI feel free to contact me.

Report Actual vs Budget.jpg

Actual vs. Budget

Comparing actual sales with budget data of different granularity. The drill down allows to explore the hierarchy level continent -> country -> customer and product category and products respectively.


The report contains two pages about customers (page 1) and products (page 2) budget.

Report Sales Analysis.jpg

Sales Analysis

Analyse Sales base on your selection of continent, country and year. Top level information shown as cards as well sales of the top 10 customers.

Page 2 highlights nine more top level figures, which can selected by country.

Report Business Scenario 2.0P1.jpg

Business Scenario

This report calculates business scenarios based on three case selections (Best, Ok, Worst).

The financial assumptions are shown as well as the impact on sales and margins by product category. Tool-tip visuals provide more details about the category figures.

Report billionaires 5.0.jpg

Billionaires of the world

Reports from web data (wikipedia) visualizing the wealth of the top richtest people from 2000 to 2020. Year selector to scan through time, then select your page.

Olympic report p1.jpg

Olympic games

Find insights about 120 years of Olympic history analysed in 4 compelling report pages. Slicers allow to drill deeper into the information.


Your first time using Power BI

Power BI reports are very dynamic and responsive. The reports are created to give the user additional insights when they hover over a datapoint (tool-tip) or drill into more details by a click on a graph item. Slicer or filters are created to filter the related data on the report. Feel free to click around, you will notice, how the information changes according to your selection.

If you get stuck, you can either click on one selected element again or clear the filters by clicking on the eraser icon in the selection bar. 


It is recommended to open the report in full screen mode for best user experience.   

Please note:

Because I am using sample data some figures might appear inconsistent comparing to real world data.

The purpose of the showcases are mainly for demonstration of functionalities and capabilities of Power BI. 

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